On Alignment

Jedna Dva Tři Gallery / Petrohradská Kolektiv
14 August to 1 September 2023

Traveling safely through a hyperspeed duct towards your destination, you are invited into a daydream, freshly generated by your personal algorithm. You delve into a retrospective of technology's birth; a collective imagination, drawing from classic films, advertisements, documentaries, and home videos. Contemplating the advent of mass consumerism in the 1950s and the rise of smart technologies, the dream highlights the tragicomic aspects of our relationship with technological progress.

video still of the short film On Alignment
Video still of the short film On Alignment

Once imagined as tools to simplify tasks, machines are now creeping into our communication and social life, shedding light on the convergence of human and machine. Depicted is an evolution that steers us towards compatibility—requiring humans to imitate machines—instead of adapting tools to the human context.

video still of the short film On Alignment
Video still of the short film On Alignment

The piece reflects on the mystification surrounding new technologies. Ones that increasingly operate in ways we cannot comprehend, cloak themselves in nebulous language, and distance us from corporeality. We no longer question the presence and essentiality of these in our daily lives—which leads to wonder, what could a human-free future look like?

video still of the video loop of On Alignment
Video still of the video loop, for CRT monitor

On Alignment features a 17′6″ short film, three prints, and a video loop on a CRT monitor. The project was made during a residency at Petrohradská Kolektiv in Prague, Czech Republic.

installation shot of one of the prints of On Alignment
Installation shot of one of the prints

Amelie Mckee · Melle Nieling