Plicnik Collective

Plicnik Collective is a fluid organisation that challenges the politics of art production and distribution in an online context. It researches the dynamics that are at play in the construction and diffusion of online art shows, and proposes experimental environments for artists to create work in. Plicnik’s projects aim to re-institute agency to artists in the production and display of their work and create new modalities in which to meet and envisage artworks.

Our main curatorial platform is Plicnik Space Initiative, where we curate, produce and host experimental online exhibitions. Visit to view the latest exhibition, SUB·RS.

Poster of the Plicnik Space Initiative: SUB·RS exhibition

Plicnik Space Initiative: SUB·RS

20 January 2022
20 January 2023
Poster of the Penrose Helix exhibition

Penrose Helix

19 May 2021
6 June 2021
Poster of the Plicnik Space Initiative D02.2 exhibition

Plicnik Space Initiative: D02.2

15 October 2020
15 October 2021